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A collaboration of classic and contemporary Arabic music, Tarabeat x MzRizk celebrates the rich history and traditions of the Middle East and North Africa. Tarabeat – musician-producer Camille Feghali – draws on Arabic scales and rhythms and the expressive Tarab music from the region for his compositions.  Pioneering DJ, radio presenter and event curator, MzRizk is a creative chameleon who has garnered widespread acclaim as one of Melbourne’s most respected house, disco and global music savants.  Together, they use microtones, odd time signatures and taqsims (improvisations) to mix live instruments such as qanun (Arabic harp), nay (Arabic flute) and tubbel (percussion) with modern sequencers and synthesizers.  Their energetic live shows, accompanied by guest drummers and belly dancers, transport audiences to Beirut and beyond.



Tarabeat x MzRizk have performed at HABIBI at Section8, Ferdydurke, Moroccan Soup Bar, and WOMADelaide 2023.

Upcoming performances will be announced soon!



Tarabeat's original compositions can be heard here:

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