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Tarabeat x MzRizk is a collaborative project that merges classic and contemporary Arabic music to honour the cultural legacy of the Middle East and North Africa. The collaboration is led by two talented artists: Tarabeat, the musician-producer Camille Feghali, and MzRizk, a pioneering DJ, radio presenter, and event curator known for her eclectic musical tastes.


Tarabeat, incorporates traditional Arabic scales, rhythms, and the emotive Tarab music style into their compositions. This approach pays homage to the deep musical traditions of the region while infusing them with a contemporary flair.


MzRizk, on the other hand, brings her expertise as a DJ and curator, known for her proficiency in genres like house, disco, jazz, hip-hop, and Arabic music. Her role in the collaboration adds a modern and dynamic element to the mix, blending traditional sounds with electronic beats and samples.


Together, Tarabeat x MzRizk employ a range of musical techniques, including microtones, odd time signatures, and improvisational taqsims, to create a unique sonic experience. They combine live instruments such as the qanun (Arabic harp), nay (Arabic flute), and tubbel (percussion) with modern electronic sequencers and synthesisers, bridging the gap between the past and present.


Their live performances are known for their energy and vibrancy, often featuring guest drummers and belly dancers who further enhance the immersive experience. Through their music, Tarabeat x MzRizk transport audiences to the streets of Beirut and beyond, offering a captivating journey through the sounds and rhythms of the Arab world.


Tarabeat x MzRizk have performed in Australia, and Lebanon, including Womadelaide 2023! Performing regularly across Melbourne institutions and events include New Years Eve 2024 at the Docklands, Fairfield In Feb at Fairfield Amphitheatre, and at iconic venues such as Section8, and Bar Oussou. Upcoming events include A1 Bakery for Brunswick Music Festival, and Moomba 2024. 


Tarabeat's original compositions can be heard here:

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