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Gathering around shared rhythm, values, and purpose, 6 Narrm-based interdisciplinary and intergenerational artists of the diaspora, weave together their creative and cultural practices for the crafting of story and ceremony. Vicki Kinnai (PNG), MzRizk (Lebanon), Katherine Gailer (Colombia), Julie Ann Minaai (Japan/Hawaii), Irihipeti Waretini (Aotearoa) and Bella Waru (Aotearoa) presented the unique immersive art and performance experience, RESONANCE on Saturday July 22nd, 2023.

MzRizk's combination of music, and culinary arts creates meaningful platforms for celebration, authentic representation, and preservation, showcasing the richness, and significance of Lebanese culture, heritage, and traditions. Striving to amplify the voices of artists from the MENA, and SWANA regions, MzRizk invited Jacinta Elarmaly, Onur Kurt, and Rowa Barashi to collaborate in a live performance, OK! Pop Up will be serving beverages from MzRizk’s Marhaba Tea & Coffee Cart, and Tom Sarafian catered the event with Levantine food that combines traditional techniques, and recipes with innovative touches and beautiful local produce.

All images by Gianna Rizzo @meaty

Special thanks to StrangeLove for providing in-kind beverages and Tom Sarafian for the delicious buffett.

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